So your Canon is displaying a Lens Error message… We’re here to help!

Hello and welcome…

So you’re here because your Canon Powershot Digital Camera has failed you with a lens error – well you’re not alone!  The fact of the matter is this actually happens on all brands of digital cameras with a telescoping lens (pretty much all of them), not just the Canons!  This site however will go over the issue specifically with the Canons, we’re going to explain what has happened, some possible quick fixes, and if you need to have it Serviced professionally, we’ll get you on the right track.

To get started, when there is a Lens Error on a Canon Powershot, you will likely see one of the following messages on the display:


Lens Error, Restart Camera

Lens Error, Will Shutdown Automatically, Restart Camera

As you probably quickly realized, restarting the camera does pretty much nothing  (except to drive you nuts doing it over and over of course).

Now why did this happen you ask, there are a few reasons…

1. The most common reason for a Canon to develop a Lens Error is from impact damage, meaning the camera was bumped pretty good or even worse, dropped!

2. The next most common reason to have a Lens Error is from sand or dirt entering the lens assembly within the camera.  If you’ve ever had the camera at the beach, this is quite possibly the issue.

3. The third scenario is liquid coming into contact with the camera.

4. Finally, you may have done absolutely nothing wrong, sometimes parts simply can and do fail!

So now that you know what a Lens Error is and what may have possibly caused the issue, here are the best steps to take to get you on track to enjoying the favorite camera again:

First and before anything, please visit our Quick Fix Section for help with your Lens Error.  This page lists some quick fixes along with some “do’s and don’ts” when dealing with a lens error:  “Click here for our Quick Fix Section

If you’ve tried the quick fixes and they didn’t solve the problem, please visit our Recommended Service Facilities page for experts who can professionally service your camera for you:  “Click here for Recommended Service Facilities

Finally, before you leave, please post a comment below.  Sharing your experience, what worked and didn’t work, and anything other important information will document your issue and it often helps others become familiar with the problem.